Scandinavian Gnome – Pointed White/Gold GF


Traditional style Scandinavian Gnome that also has some bling! Speckled gold heart deco as well, the white fabric has tiny gold flecks embedded in it (they do not come off easily)

It can be added to you holiday décor and you will appreciate it for years to come. They are cute as a button and have a great feel to them (especially their beards!)

When we do live shows, the reaction people have when they hold them in their hands and feel the weight, the quality of the beard, fabrics and hand stitching…truly, pictures do not do them justice!

Pointy and curly hat gnomes have the same size body, hands and feet, the differences are in the decorative trim, fabric colors and the hat itself.

Fausse fourrure de luxe, tissu haut de gamme et nez en bois. Une hauteur de 18 ″ et un poids ont été ajoutés pour stabiliser le Gnome.

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Fantasy Collection – Scandinavian Gnome – Pointed White/Gold GF


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